ACJ wants HH to assent to Children’s Code Bill 2022

ACJ wants HH to assent to Children’s Code Bill 2022

NGO executive director is elated bill passed third reading stage in Parliament

ADVOCACY for Child Justice (AU) is optimistic that President Hakainde Hichilema will show political will by assenting to the Children’s Code Bill 2022, which has now been passed by Parliament. This comes after the bill made it past the 3rd reading stage in Parliament on Friday July 29, 2022.

ACJ executive director Josephat Njobvu believes the development is a huge milestone that deserves to be celebrated because this decision has taken 17 years to materialise. “We are elated to learn that the Children’s Code Bill 2022 has been passed and is awaiting presidential assent. ACJ is comforted by the fact that the bill was well received in the august house by parliamentarians and we hope that His Excellency Mr Hichilema will in a like manner show political will by assenting to this bill very soon.” Mr Njobvu said.

He said the Children’s Code Bill was only introduced in Parliament 29 days ago and ACJ is impressed by the political will, commitment and the unanimous support shown by the Members of Parliament to pass it during all the three readings.

Mr Njobvu said the last 17 years have been tilled with many setbacks and disappointments in the quest to advance this law. He said that ACJ being one of the stakeholders that played a role in the drafting of the law understands the level of sacrifice and perseverance it took for everyone that has been advancing the enactment of the bill and is delighted that this long and sometimes defeating fight has now produced the desired results.

Mr Njobvu is confident that going forward Zambia’s ranking on the African Child Friendliness Index will improve.

ZDM: 10.08.2022

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